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What we're fighting for

We are a grassroots organization advocating for professional policing on the streets of Minneapolis. Our campaign team is full of hardworking community members, convinced that police misconduct has no place in our cityor anywhere else in the United States. We have collected over 12,000 signatures from community members in Minneapolis, earning our Police Insurance Amendment a spot on the ballot this November.

We aren’t politicians. We are following the path of past change makers—continuing to march on, day after day until we see the change we seek: the end of police violence and misconduct in Minneapolis and in the United States as a whole. Our end goal is to spark a national police accountability movement centered on professional liability insurance for all police officers in the United States. It starts here, in Minneapolis.

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We do things differently than most campaigns

We don't rely on huge donors to buy elections–we are going to win on November 8th the fair way, by continuing to educate the community through one-on-one interactions.

We count on supporters like you to fund our grassroots campaign through small donations to our National Grassroots Funding Network.