Volunteer Session: Volunteer Recruitment

We have finished a huge, grassroots petitioning effort, collecting almost 15,000 signatures from people who want to see the Police Insurance Amendment on the ballot this November. Our amendment will stop rogue officers like Bob Kroll in their tracks--if they commit misconduct, the individual officers involved will pay higher insurance premiums. Some might lose coverage, and their job, altogether. 

Volunteer Recruitment

  • You’ll go to events and hand out flyers, pledge cards, and pens to people and collect their pledges to support the Police Insurance Amendment, volunteer, or donate. You might also help with data entry—entering in the information that you collect from our supporters. This will be very useful to the phone banking team as they continue our community outreach over the phone. 
July 14, 2016 at 5pm - 8pm
Campaign Headquarters
Cole Yates · · (612) 384-0277

Will you come?

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