How many signatures did the Minneapolis campaign collect? Was that enough to be on the ballot?


The Minneapolis Charter Commission rules require that, to secure placement on the ballot, a group must collect enough signatures to total at least five percent of the total votes cast in Minneapolis in the last state general election. 137,362 votes were cast in the last general election, so 6,869 signatures from registered Minneapolis voters were required to be on the November 2016 ballot..

On Thursday, June 2nd, we turned in over 12,000 signatures to the city clerk's office—representing thousands of community members who believe Minneapolis voters should have a chance to create a professional, responsible, and insured police force on November 8th. Throughout the petitioning process, we validated each signature collected to the voter file of registered voters to ensure that we had collected the required amount. 

Sadly, the Minneapolis city established illegally blocked our Police Insurance Amendment from the ballot, forcing us to turn our focus to supporting other campaigns across the country in starting their own campaigns. 

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