How will requiring police to carry professional liability insurance improve their behavior?


Currently, the Minneapolis Police Department rewards brutal and irresponsible police officers by refusing to discipline them and, sometimes, actually promoting them to get them off the streets. In leadership positions, these rogue officers receive better pay and more strongly influence policing culture within the department. Some make a salary of over $100,000 a year. Misconduct is rewarded rather than addressedand our communities have suffered from these bad policies for years. 

The Police Federation has forced the city to reinstate officers that the Minneapolis Police Department has actually fired. For example, the department has attempted to fire Lt. Mike Sauro twice and he has been reinstated through the Police Federation grievance process both times. 

Requiring officers to carry professional liability insurance would create an independent accountability mechanism independent from the power of police unions and any contracts they have or attempts to negotiate.  If an officer is considered too risky to insure, by law they simply cannot continue to work as a police officer. 

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