What are the financial implications?


Under the Minneapolis Police Insurance Amendment, the city could have chosen to cover the base rate of the professional liability insurance, but officers whose misconduct results in higher premiums would have paid additional premiums. 

"Officers with a large number of complaints or with serious complaints would have eventually became uninsurable.  This means they would have been removed from the police force, saving a lot of money for taxpayers and making our city safer from police violence and misconduct."

Base rates could be different depending on assignment.  SWAT officers, regardless of personal history of misconduct or other factors are, for example, automatically in higher liability or higher risk situations than officers on desk duty. Again, the city could have chosen to cover this base rate.  However, increases resulting from complaints, lawsuit judgments and settlements, procedural and internal policy violations would have been the responsibility of the officer.  These additional premiums would have provided a meaningful consequence for officers who choose to use excessive force, racially profile, circumvent the law, or abridge people’s rights. For officers who are simply doing their jobs, premiums would have decreased over time.


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