What was the wording of the Minneapolis Police Insurance Amendment?


The wording of our amendment is below.  The words in italics are our proposed changes.

We, the undersigned, petition the City of Minneapolis Charter Commission to implement/amend the City Charter to read as follows:

Section 7.3(a)(2) Police Officers. Each peace officer appointed in the police department must be licensed as required by law.  Each such licensed officer may exercise any lawful power that a peace officer enjoys at common law or by general or special law, and may execute a warrant anywhere in the county.  Each appointed police officer must provide proof of professional liability insurance coverage in the amount consistent with current limits under the statutory immunity provision of state law and must maintain continuous coverage throughout the course of employment as a police officer with the city.  Such insurance must be the primary insurance for the officer and must include coverage for willful or malicious acts and acts outside the scope of the officer’s employment by the city.  If the City Council desires, the city may reimburse officers for the base rate of this coverage but officers must be responsible for any additional costs due to personal or claims history.  The city may not indemnify police officers against liability in any amount greater than required by State Statute unless the officer’s insurance is exhausted.  This amendment shall take effect one year after passage.

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